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Rapid weight loss in 36 minutes a week

Can you find 36 minutes out of your week to radically transform your body? To be even more specific, can you find 12 minutes in your day (3 times in a week) to have an Olympian type body. Sounds to good to be true, well read on. The science of weight loss has been well studied and a few powerful pearls of wisdom have been gleaned. Depending upon the type of athlete it goes by different names, but the results are the same. Surge training or interval training has been around a long time but few know the power behind its ability to transform your health as well as radically altering the metabolism to burn fat.

Our bodies burn two types of fuel-sugars and fats. Due to the amount of carbohydrates the average American consumes the body is constantly burning this simple, energy inefficient fuel. Consequently you can never get to the stored fat that our bodies hold onto. Dietary modification is important for numerous reasons, but we will save that discussion for another day. When you perform a moderate jogging pace or a fast walk on a treadmill for 45 minutes you are burning fats. Once you’re workout is over, so is the fat burning cycle and the body goes back to burning sugars. The calorie expenditure doesn’t seem to equate to the time, sweat and effort you just put in.

This is where surge training comes in, and here is how it works. The type of exercise doesn’t matter, so if you like to run, jump rope, bicycle or swim just to name a few, this technique will work. What is critical, is exercising at 85-95% of your maximum heart rate( MHR is determined by subtracting your age from 220). It is within this range that your body burns sugar, but once you are done with the exercise the body burns fat for 24-36 hours afterward. Take a moment and let that sink in. It is important that you do not do any form of exercise during the next 24 hours otherwise you will interrupt the fat burning cycle.

Here is how you put surge training into play. Make sure you stretch out and warm up effectively. Grab a jump rope or get on your running shoes and for 1-2 minutes push your body to the maximum, followed by a two minute period where you slow down (do not stop) and allow your heart rate to calm down and catch your breath. Then repeat this cycle two more times. This should take approximately twelve minutes in total. It is that simple and extremely time effective for someone who leads a busy life. You can do surge training on the same day as your weight lifting, simply do it at the end of the workout. Take the following day off so the body can effectively burn fats to its maximum ability. Other side benefits to burning fats is they put out twice as much energy as carbohydrates so you will have reverse fatigue, having more stamina throughout your entire day.

If you have struggled to lose weight while putting significant time into the gym give this a technique a try, you will be excited with the results.

God Bless,
Dr. Steve