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Contact Reflex Analysis

In the field of complimentary and alternative medicine only a few techniques are able to stand the test of time. Contact Reflex Analysis is one of them. This dynamic, evolving work has been pioneered and developed over several decades by Dr. Dick Versendaal and his associates.

CRA is a comprehensive, pulse testing method of assessing energetic excesses and deficiencies of the organs, glands, systems and structures of the body, using a network of reflex points based on acupuncture and meridians.

When the subtle energy that maintains someone’s health is disrupted, the body will begin to suffer. CRA is a powerful way of understanding the cause of this disruption and many times provide a conservative solution.

The technique is not a diagnosis. For example, it would not be able to identify if someone had gallstones; however, CRA can relate the underlying factors that caused the stones. As a result, treatment for most situations in our office may result in an adjustment, supplementation, or dietary modification.

Contact Reflex Analysis is performed between the doctor and patient. The doctor tests the many reflex points while monitoring the muscle responsiveness (most times the shoulder muscle is used) as an indicator as to the strength or weakness of a particular reflex point. The reflex points relate to the many systems, organs, and tissues of the body. Therefore, weakness at a particular reflex point will give the doctor insight into the cause of a patient’s condition.