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First Visit to Mustin Chiropractic Clinic

We understand your first visit to a doctor’s office can be a mix of emotions; hope that we can help you, concern over what is causing your pain, and possible fear of what may occur in our office if you’ve never seen a chiropractor before. Please be assured, your peace of mind as well as helping to restore your health is our primary focus.

Before your first visit please fill out the intake form on a desktop or laptop computer. Please do not use smartphones.

So here is some insight into what you will experience on your first visit.

After filling out the paperwork, one of our staff members will escort you back to a private consultation room to discuss with Dr. Mustin your current condition(s) as well as a review of your medical/chiropractic history.

Our goal is to understand the cause of your pains as opposed to simply covering them up.

The examination is problem centered but a global perspective is also performed to understand contributing factors. An examination may involve postural analysis, motion and static palpation of the spine and/or extremities, muscle testing, dermatome and reflex testing.

If examination findings warrant further discovery, x-rays are performed in our in-office radiology department.

Once we understand the cause of your pain, care will be delivered. All treatment approaches will first be discussed as well as cost.

Your first day is nearly over! At this point a team member will schedule you for a return visit – See What You Can Expect On Your Second Visit.

Allow approximately 45 minutes for your first visit.

Your Second Visit

Your second day in the office is of critical importance. Dr. Mustin has had an opportunity to review all your evaluation findings and is now prepared to sit down with you to discuss your diagnosis and treatment approach.

The results of your examination are discussed, as well as the tailored approach to your care. Please refer to the Chiropractic Adjustment page for the many techniques we employ to help get you well.

You will receive your second adjustment and given recommendations related to home ice/heat therapy, exercise and stretching or modification of daily activities.

This visit typically takes 20 minutes.

Your Third Visit

On the third visit we discuss the process of care with you. It is recommended that you bring your significant other to this portion of you report of findings.

Many considerations go into a care plan. How long the underlying cause of your symptoms has been there, how much damage has occurred, and what you’ve done about the problem are just a few. In addition, many criteria related to your situation are evaluated. The posture of your spine, the phase of degeneration in the bones and discs and if there is nerve and muscle injury are but a few.

You will see your x-rays and understand how you measure up to specific postural criteria, which ensures a healthy spine and nervous system.

Finally, we discuss three important aspects to your care.
1) How long care is necessary to get well.
2) Frequency of visits and what will occur on a visit, i.e. adjustments, rehabilitative exercises, re-exams.
3) Cost of care.

Insurance companies cover chiropractic services and we participate with many of them. In addition, we have affordable cash plans for the individual as well as the family.

You will receive another adjustment, and checkout at the front desk to schedule future healing visits.

This visit typically takes 45 minutes.

Call us at (412) 429-8884 or visit our office at 69 North Wren Drive Suite 6 in Pittsburgh, PA.